Special Offer: The Buffy Bonus

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Hey everyone,

I’m offering people a special bonus for the upcoming series of long form articles.

One of my favourite TV shows that inspired me to see what’s behind stories, philosophically speaking, was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So now that I’m covering the series in this space, I decided to give people a bonus. Normally, it’s $5 a month and $50 for a year. But…

The Buffy Bonus which is $1 a month or $10 for a year.

Get 80% off for 1 year

I totally get that some people can’t do this at the moment with everything going on. Like I did with The 100 long form series, I will eventually release it for free in several months. But it would help if you could take advantage of the offer.

Also, I’m going to be releasing a paid exclusive series about applying moral philosophy in the fiction writing process. This will never be available for free.

Regardless, I appreciate all my subscribers whether free or paid.