Spider-man: Coming Home and Going New Places

The moral case for going in a new direction.

Home is where the heart is, or so they say.

It's supposed to be the place where you feel comfortable and relax about things going on in the outside world. Over the past year, this is something people have discovered quite explicitly. As previously discussed with Supeman's new show, there's a comfort that comes from going home and finding your place there. But it's difficult to do when you've been away for so long. There is an obvious upside to the process of going home as well. This is most obviously expressed in the long journey Spider-man has had in going away from where it feels safe, but also going over the familiar.

Spider-man's origin story is something that can feel like home to many people. It's familiar, it has a lot of the same elements to it, and there's a comfort in knowing what you're going to get when you go to see it. After a while however, that doesn't always feel so comforting. It can feel obvious and overly simplistic. When Spider-man made the transition from an exclusively separate universe back to the familiar territory of the MCU, this was a danger that the people involved understood very well.

This is evident in the fact that they made a conscious choice to move away from tried and true formulas and create something new when they got a hold of Spider-man. They may have literally titled the movie homecoming, but there was very little about it that was comforting and familiar. At least in terms of the story being told. The writers made a conscious effort to go somewhere new with it. To strike out on their own and make the character distinct from what had come before. Yet the character is still very much familiar on many levels.

He's the same awkward, uncertain person we've grown to love not only in the previous movies made about the character, but in the comics as well. But the situations he's handling are new and different from what we've seen before. Unlike with his solo films, the stories feed into a larger narrative. A larger universe for which the stories being told have consequences. Not to mention the fact that other things which happened within the universe also impact him. It's a more complete picture of the character and the way things play out. And that's what makes the story so interesting to follow.

There's an old saying which feels appropriate here.

“At the end of all our travels, we will return home and really see the world for the first time.”

This is what Spider-man: Homecoming and the sequel Far from Home does so well. It brings the story home with fresh eyes and a better understanding of how the world works.

You should make sure to find the time to check it out while you're at home if you can.

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