Superman & Lois Season 1 review: The Power of Family

The moral case for relying on family as a way to deal with obstacles.

Everyone needs family sometimes.

When things get too serious, you need someone to turn to who will keep you safe. The kind of person or people you can count on not to turn your back, no matter what you're facing. One could even argue that family is the human version of home that was referenced in the first piece of this nature here. They are the place you can go when you need them. When you do come to them, it gives you a certain amount of power.

It's from there that you create strength from. To replenish what you've lost in the struggle that brought you to them. Being able to do that is what makes them worthy of the trust you put in them. This is also what gives you a way forward. A way to see yourself clearly if you're questioning your moral stance. Being able to look at who you used to be and how far you've come, clarifies things. From there you can overcome anything, or anyone, that might be standing in your way.

More than the importance of home, which has been central to Superman and Lois, family has been so very important to the show. The dynamic playing out between the Kent family members and how they face challenges is a pleasure to watch. Whether it's of the more ordinary issues like joining the football team or performing music in front of a crowd. Or perhaps the more super heroic issues like the long lost Kryptonian brother who is trying to recreate his planet and uses humanity as guinea pigs to achieve it. What they can always turn to is each other.

Through family, they can see the best in even the people who want to harm you, like an incredibly smart inventor from another universe. The one who believes the greatest hero in the world is destined to become its ultimate destroyer. Family allows them to embrace those who would be enemies and turn them into allies. Such powerful allies that they can overcome an overwhelming force. Change what seems like an unavoidable fate.

By trusting the bond of family, there's nothing they can't accomplish.

To many, that might seem like a cheesy, outdated idea concept. Family has been ridiculed in its various forms and embraced in other places. However, what makes Superman and Lois so good is that it perfectly walks the line between the two. It acknowledges the ways in which family can be corny and somewhat outdated, while still allowing its core to be an honest examination of what makes family such a powerful force.

Before the series comes back for a second season, I encourage you to watch the first season in its entirety. Check it out on the CW app in the United States, CTV in Canada and Amazon elsewhere.

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