Newsletter Update: Hitting the 50 subscriber milestone, Cancelled TV Shows, Controversial Recommendations and Getting the Word Out

Thank you

Thank you for being part of this small but growing community. Recently I hit 50 free subscribers and it means a lot that so many of you are willing to follow along as we explore the underlying morals and ethics of various films and TV shows.

I just finished the first series of longer form pieces about the way to build a functional society through the series The 100. It was this series that originally inspired me to start this newsletter. I love that I've been able to grow with you through this process. I've learned a lot so far and I'm hoping to do more going forward.

Cancelled TV Shows

I’m curious what people think about the idea of me covering cancelled TV shows? I don’t necessarily mean older TV shows or shows that ended after several seasons. There are a few that recently got cancelled or ones that aren’t necessarily available on streaming. Would you be interested in some of the insights from them?

Ambassador Program

One of the things I've been thinking about is offering access to the paid content for anyone of my current paid subscribers who is willing to help get the word out about the newsletter. Some of the details still have to be worked out, but would anyone be interested in participating?


Additionally, I've been looking at the recommendations process and thinking about what I can do to improve things. There are some other Substackers that I follow who I often find beneficial as a way to inform what I'm currently doing. However, up to this point I've tended to only recommend people on Substack who are also writing or producing content about philosophy or film and television. Some of them have also been known to take controversial positions on various hot button topics, political or otherwise.

Would anyone object to having controversial people in my recommendations? Would it change your willingness to subscribe if I did?