Sitemap - 2021 - TV's Moral Philosophy

Best of 2021

Cobra Kai and the Importance of Perspective

Married... with Children: Dysfunctional Family Dynamics and Misanthropy

The 100 season 2 on Conflict Resolution and Revenge (early access)

How Cruel Summer Reveals the Nuances of Cruelty

Newsletter update: Early Access and Guest Post

How Joan of Arcadia Models Creating Trust in the System

How Joker Shows Us the Path Towards Evil

The Hunger Games and Societal Collapse as a Strategy

Pretty Little Liars and Destructive Secrets

Gossip Girl and the Paradox of Freedom with Money

Legacies Season 4: Embracing All of Yourself

Lost and Finding Oneself in Uncertainty

The Woman in the Window and the Problem of Obsessive Safetyism

He's All That and the Evolution of Love Stories

How Locke & Key Shows You How to Open the Door of Grief

You and the Comforting Lie of Happily Ever After

Newsletter update: Thank you so much

Riverdale Season 5 finale review: Sins of the Father

Back to the Future and the Power of Revisionist Nostalgia

Venom and the Parasitic Relationship

Riverdale Season 5 Review: Dealing with Death

Spider-man: Coming Home and Going New Places

Stargirl Season 2 review: Eclipso, Sin, Guilt and Missing the Mark

Why Going Full Out Is The Best Way To Handle Pain

Superman & Lois Season 1 review: The Power of Family

What The Republic of Sarah Says About Building a Nation

Brightburn Review: Creating Fear out of Hope

Warrior Nun and Belief as a Weapon

Karate Kid and the Building of a Hero

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and the Cyclical Nature of History

Stargirl Season 2: Work Life Balance and Trauma

Smallville: On Growing Up, Identity and Making a Hero

Why Women Kill and Rage

How to Provide... Leverage

What Doctor Who Says About Having Principles

Happy Death Day and Coming to Terms with Death

Continuum and the Consequences of Decisions

You and the Absurdity of Searching for Love

Run and the Paradox of Trust

Bill and Ted Grapple with Maintaining Optimism

How Lucifer Creates Sympathy for the Devil

Dexter Morgan and the Value of Human Life

What Veep Says About Politics

Riverdale Season 5 review: Randomness is not Personal Growth

Superman and Lois Season 1: Holding a Mirror up to Smallville

What Snowpiercer says about revolutionary thinking

How the Saved by the Bell revival saved the original show's reputation

What The 100 Season 1 says about making rules and how to follow them

Thunder Force and How Not to Interpret Superheroes

For All Mankind Review: Towards a Better World

Legacies: how to build a... well... legacy

How Resident Alien Reveals Humanity's View of Itself

Retrospective: Christopher Reeve's Superman Makes You Believe a Man Can Fly

Cloak and Dagger Season 1 Review: Sharp and Enveloping

Riverdale Season 5: Falling back into bad habits

What is Superman's intergalactic immigration status anyway?

What the iZombie TV show teaches us about CoVid-19

A Smallville Family Tree Project

The Complexity of Evil

Stargirl Season 1 Review: What's Old is New Again

Riverdale Season 5 Review: Building a Better Riverdale

Why The 100 prequel is the show we need after CoVid-19

Superman & Lois Pilot Review: Going Home Again

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